Fellowship Workshop Series

LAGSES will be hosting its fellowship workshop series this fall for the fifth consecutive year! The LAGSES fellowship workshops provide a space, and dinner, for paired mentors and mentees to meet and review application materials several times prior to the NSF-GRFP late-October deadline.
If you have experience applying for fellowships, please consider participating in this enriching program where your feedback and guidance will be invaluable to students currently in the application process.
If you are currently in the process of applying to external fellowships, please sign up as a mentee here! Over fifty percent of our mentees last year were awarded at least one fellowship! Our goal is to build upon this trend while building a more cohesive graduate community at Cal.

Our Fellowship Workshop is sponsored by Graduate Minority Student Project (GMSP) of The Graduate Assembly (GA).

Please fill out either the mentee or mentor form by September 6th!

Fellowship Workshops Itinerary

Workshop #1: Next Semester, Spring 2022

           Meet your mentor and informational session

Workshop #2: Next Semester, Spring 2022

           “Speed dating” session

Workshop #3: Next Semester, Spring 2022

           Final revisions

Location: TBD

List of Fellowships

While many programs offer funding to support your graduate studies, there are numerous external funding sources that afford you more flexibility throughout your graduate career. These opportunities aim to provide support for students from many different backgrounds. We’ve highlighted a few of these fellowships below: