End of the Year Banquet

We had our last event of the semester. This is an opportunity to introduce the Board Members for the next academic year:

  • President – Gabriel Lopez Marcial
  • Vice President – Humberto Batiz Guerrero
  • Treasurer – Samuel Cabrera
  • Communications Chair – Laura Cristal Magaña
  • Corporate Liaison – Eduardo Lupi
  • Outreach Chair – Diana Aguilar Gómez, Daniel Ocasio, and Dana Alejandra Hernandez
  • Social Chair – Alejandro Morales Martinez and Alexander Alvara
  • Public Relations Chair – Alondra Perez

We also say good bye to our members that are graduating, such as our former president Rosemarie de la Rosa.

We are very proud of our members who got Fellowships this year, we got them a small gift. We thanked our most active members as well.

Fellowship and Award Recipients
– Alexander Alvara-NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
– Ford Fellowship Honorable Mention
– Clarissa Towle-Teaching Effectiveness Award
– Diana Aguilar Gómez-UC-MEXUS CONACYT
– Juan Perdomo-NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Community Builder Award: awarded to those with the most attendance to LAGSES events
– Alexander Alvara
– Neil Ramirez
Spirit of LAGSES Award: For their commitment to the success of LAGSES
– Edy Cardona
Pillar of the Community Award: For his commitment to building community across organizations on campus
– Carlos Biaou
Graduating Members
– Lena Osorio -Masters of Engineering: Nuclear Engineering
– Rosemarie de la Rosa-PhD: Environmental Health Sciences

Congratulations Familia!

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