Spring Banquet 2016

This year’s Spring Banquet was held at MLK Student Union. Congrats to the following LAGSES for their outstanding performance in LAGSES:

Graduating Students:

  •  Jorge Santiago, PhD in Chemical engineering
  • Allie Landry, PhD in Chemical engineering
  • Isaac Markus, PhD in Materials Sciences and Engineering
  • Jennifer Soto, PhD in Bioengineering
  • Jose Fonseca, PhD in Materials Sciences and Engineering
  • Ruth Herrera, PhD in Mechanical Engineering
  • Damaris Valero-Diaz, Masters in Mechanical Engineering
  • Angel Sanchez-Torres, Masters in Mechanical Engineering

LAGSES Mentoring Award:

  • Christina Fuentes
  • Elena Kassianidou
  • Elisabet Rosas
  • Hector Neira
  • Jennifer Soto
  • Miguel Rodriguez
  • Roberto Falcon
  • Santiago Miret
  • Shaheen Jeeawoody
  • Karina Chavarria
  • Kevin Yamauchi

LAGSES Community Builder Award:

  • Edy Cardona
  • Jesus Avila
  • Adriana Rojas

Spirit of LAGSES Award:

  • Allie Landry
  • Jose Fonesca

The 2016 LAGSES Board Members

President: Hector Neira

Vice-President: Edy Cardona

Treasurer: Santiago Miret

Secretary: Adriana Rojas

Outreach Chairs: Christina Fuentes, open position

Social Chairs: Elisabet Rosas, open position

Corporate Liaison: Alex Salazar

Historian: Alex Salazar

Public Relations Chair: Open.


Email us if you’re interested in any of the open positions!

2 Replies to “Spring Banquet 2016

    1. We have a Banquet at the end of each semester. We usually say good-bye to graduating students, congratulate students that got a fellowship and recognize our most active members

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